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Messaging Manual

Zeenat Barendse

Apr 30, 2023

Messaging / Chats / Push notifications Manual

To fully use these features users would need to download the HealthWare App from the Google or Apple play stores (Blue HW logo), the App is not to replace the Browser based application of HealthWare and was created at this stage mainly to generate push notifications and for messaging.

The details of the notification(s) received will be found in the messaging / chats icon. Here you will find multiple threads of messages received. The chats will sort from the most recent at the top and the least recent at the bottom.

The number in the thread indicates the amount of unread messages in that particular thread. The colour of the thread favicon (bubble) indicates the type of thread it is.

Purple = Patient thread

Grey = User to User 1:1 chat

Blue = Predefined group chat (Super Admin or User controlled)

Red = Custom thread

Patient thread

Only users marked as attending clinician, will receive messages in a patient specific thread. The attending clinician can be added at any point, by adding clicking on ‘Edit Assigned User’ at the top right of the thread,

or adding your name to the attending clinicians column

or if another user tags you in a patient thread, to tag you use an @ sign followed by the first few letters of the user's name, once the correct name appears, you can select it from the drop down. This user will then also automatically be added as an attending clinician.

Only when added as an attending clinician are you able to access the patient thread via the patient record. If you are not added the 'Chat' heading will not appear for you within the record.

You can remove a user or yourself as an attending clinician at any stage, by clicking the X next to the name of the user, the user will then no longer receive any messages/chats regarding the specific patient.

User to User 1:1 chat

This would be the same as any other chatting platform, like whatsapp, and is a chat between 2 users within the HealthWare environment. Search the specific user you would like to chat to in the search field.

Predefined group chat

These groups are controlled by the Super Admin user or by the user themselves. There are various types of groups depending on the groups you have selected to create within your environments. Your Super Admin may have automatically added you to a group or you can add yourself to a group. Click on your name icon at the bottom left of the screen.

You can then select the group you would like to add yourself to, or delete any groups you do not wish to be a part of.

Only users within these predefined groups will receive messages within the group chat.

Custom thread

This is customised chats created for a specific reason and selected users added. In the messaging screen, at the top right click ‘Add Custom Chat’.

Give the Chat a name and add the users you would like within the group.

You are able to add or remove users after the group has been created, by clicking on the edit button on the right next to the group name.


Users marked as attending clinicians will receive notifications in the following instances:

When a patients is admitted

When a patient is discharged / transferred out / deceased

Any statuses on the extensions screen are changed

When you have been added as an attending clinician for a patient

When a user is tagged in clinical assessment or clinical notes

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