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Clinical Instructions Manual

Zeenat Barendse

May 1, 2023

Clinical Instructions Manual

Click on the ‘Tick plus symbol’ that can be found at the bottom right of any screen you are in:

A panel on your right will appear.

  1. Give the instruction a heading (Limited to 30 characters)

  2. Status - Requested

  3. Priority - Low | Medium | High

  4. Select the Patient Name the task is for (If Applicable)

  5. Created by and Request Date & Time are stamped (Not editable)

  6. You can assign the instruction to a user OR a group in the dropdown (If Applicable)

  7. Select the date and time the instruction needs to be completed.

  8. You can add additional information on the space provided

  9. Select ‘Private Task’ if a task for yourself personally

  10. Select ‘Message Board’ if a non-clinical task

  11. Click ‘Save Task’

The Care Task will be created

You can change the status of the task as required to In Progress | Complete | Requires Feedback | Stuck

Example: Mark the Status as ‘Stuck’

Click on the Description name of the task

A log of the status changes will appear here

Users are then able to add an additional note here as an explanation as to why the task can not be completed, and they can also tag another user with an @ sign then the first few letters of their name.

The user will receive a push notification via the mobile App to notify them of the tag or the notifications bell will indicate there are messages to attend to.

They are then able to have a discussion about the task in this chat panel.

Once the task is completed you can mark the status as ‘Complete’

Once tasks are completed or stuck (reason noted in comments), users are then able to click ‘Archive’ to declutter the front screen.

Important: Make sure you are added to the correct groups or the required users have been added to the correct groups.

Click on your user icon at the bottom left

Select the group/s you need to add yourself to:

This is important to ensure you receive the appropriate tasks/messages.

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